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Baruch D. Kuppermann, MD PhD 
Chair, Department of Ophthalmology
Director, Gavin Herbert Eye Institute 

Anthony B. Nesburn, MD
Vice Chair, Basic Research

Chantal Boisvert, MD
Director, Medical Education in Ophthalmology

Sumit (Sam) Garg, MD
Medical Director, Gavin Herbert Eye Institute
Vice Chair, Clinical Ophthalmology

Jeremiah Tao, MD, FACS
Director, Residency Program in Ophthalmology

Marjan Farid, MD
Vice Chair, Ophthalmic Faculty

Dana White, CPA
Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 949-824-6258

Soheil Jadali
Finance Director
Phone: 949-824-6108 

Dana Collinson
Director of Marketing & Special Events
Phone: 949-824-7243

Lori Monahan
Senior Analyst - Billing
Phone: 949-824-1881

Jesse Dang
Finance & Billing Asst Analyst
Phone: 949-824-3134 

Cherre Steppe
Purchasing/Equipment Manager
Phone: 949-824-5637

Sherry Stoltz
Purchasing Agent
Phone: 949-824-9276

Pnina Greenstein
Admin Coordinator to: Drs. Baruch Kuppermann,
Stephanie Lu and Mitul Mehta
Phone: 949-824-6256

Susan Bohannan
Admin Coordinator to: Drs. Rogert Lingua,
Donald Minkler, Sameh Mosaed
and Jennifer Simpson
Phone: 949-824-4122 


Jan Slavin
Research Administrator
Phone:  949-824-9584

Elise Smith
Personnel Analyst
Phone: 949-824-6109

Doris Romo
Residency Coordinator
Phone: 949-824-0158

Rosalee Reyes
Finance Analyst - Research
Phone: 949-824-9138

Solmaz Nassirpour
Admin Coordinator to: Drs. Marjan Farid, Wade Crow,
Sumit (Sam) Garg and Jeremiah Tao
Phone: 949-824-0327

Kathy Wright
Admin Coordinator to: Drs. Chantal Boisvet,
Sanjay Kedhar, Kavita Rao and Matthew Wade
Phone: 949-824-3134